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That's me!
That's me! Hi, everyone!

Hey, I'm Adelina! I live in London and I'm a Senior Go Engineer & DevRel.

This is my blog - there are many like it, but this one is mine! I will post about:

  • Neat stuff I learn about Go
  • Working in Tech in London
  • Being a woman in Tech
  • My general thoughts and musings
All views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent my employers.

Latest blog post

  • All Gophers aboard! Deploying your first Go app to Railway 🛤️
    tags Tags: go, railway, code

    Railway is a modern PaaS solution that makes deploying code easier. I’ve had a bit of time to experiment with it and was keen to write up my findings for how it worked with Go projects. In this post, I explore the magic of its deployment mechanisms and demonstrate how to use GitHub Actions to deploy code to Railway. Spoiler alert - I loved learning about Railway and will be building with it more in the future!

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