• I'm going to be a Technology Evangelist! 🤩
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    I'm super excited to share that I will be starting a new role as a Technology Evangelist at Form3 starting Monday, September 6th! It's such a dream come true to have this opportunity to pursue my passion and step into Developer Relations. In this post, I will share what this new move means to me.
  • Best Friends Forever(BFFs): Lambda and Go apps
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    My talk for GopherconEU 2021 is live on Youtube! Preparing for this conference has been such a wonderful learning experience. In this blog post, I will share some of my lessons learned about pitching, preparing and delivering my conference talk. I hope this will break down the process and encourage other newbie speakers to take on this journey. Let's get excited about public speaking!
  • Unit testing in Go
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    Unit testing is paramount to writing stable, production ready code. In this post, we will talk a bit about what unit tests should cover and table driven tests in Go. Let's make Go tests our best friends!
  • Go functions, closures and handlers
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    While Go is not a functional language, functions are a central part of Go. They can be assigned to variables, passed as parameters and returned from other functions. This is known as support for first class functions and it allows Go programmers to compose higher order functions and closures. Understanding these mechanisms can be a powerful addition to the tool belt of any programmer, so let's take some time to explore the behaviour of Go functions. Let's get functional and elegant!
  • Dealing with interview rejection
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    The tech industry has high turnover and attrition rates. Engineers get out on the job market more often and spend more time preparing for and going through interviews than other sectors. On the flip side, engineers also have to deal with more interview rejections. While it's always painful to be rejected or not achieve a goal we worked hard for, rejections are a great way to learn. In this post, I share some of my ways to deal with the bitter pill that is interview rejection. Let's turn that frown upside down! :)
  • A little more code review please!
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    Most of us working in software engineering can agree that code reviews are important and should be a priority, no matter how busy we get. However, I have seen my fair share of teams that have struggled to carry out their best code review intentions into sustained working process. In this post, I will discuss some code review best practices for both authors and reviewers, so that we can make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. A little less conversation, a little more code review please!
  • Why do you like Go?
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    I was asked this question - "Why do you like Go?" - during several job interviews. The question itself is not tough, but it is broad and full of opportunities to trip up. It's difficult to distill your thoughts into a coherent answer in a high pressure situation. I'm going to use this post to nail down an answer to this dreaded question. Let's Go!
  • Fighting new remote job fears
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    I've recently gone through the process of getting a new remote job and I'm here to combat new job fears that I've experienced myself. The antidote? A mixture of interview questions to help you make informed decisions and actions to take after starting a new role to set you up for a successful onboarding and probation experience once you take the plunge. Have no fear, Adelina is here!
  • First post!
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    This is my first post. Have a seat, let's get to know each other!