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I’m super excited to share that I will be starting a new role as a Technology Evangelist at Form3 starting Monday, September 6th! It’s such a dream come true to have this opportunity to pursue my passion and step into Developer Relations. In this post, I will share what this new move means to me.

Wait, what is a Technology Evangelist? 🙈

Evangelists are sometimes also known as Technology Ambassadors. In short, this role is all about representing a company and presenting its technical solutions to a variety of stakeholders.

The definition of this role varies, but to me, the technology evangelist role comprises of the following:

  • Working on internal and external technical documentation
  • Helping produce marketing material which correctly represents the technology of their employer
  • Speaking at conferences and blogging to promote their employer’s brand
  • Helping with open source efforts to contribute to the tech community

The only way is up! 🚀

It’s been really nerve wracking making the decision to step away from my Back End role. In the end, it all came down to passion and the good fortune of finding an employer that wanted to invest in me. This encouraged me to take the leap! 🥳

For now, I am just super excited to have the opportunity to explore this role, speak at more conferences and really see what the developer relations life is all about. 🎤

Developer Relations roles and team are fluid and change from company to company and even over time. With this in mind, I think I’ll see the role very differently 6 months, a year from now. I just wanted to jot my thoughts down before starting this new, exciting journey.

Cross your fingers for me as I take on this new challenge!🤞

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