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Hello everyone!

This is my first post. Have a seat, let’s get to know each other!

My London experience

I’m Adelina and I’ve been a Back End engineer for about 6 years now. I’ve also lived in London for a little over 6 years so most of my tech experience has been in this wonderful city I call home.

The London tech scene is competitive, but I’ve really enjoyed working with some extremely talented people. The concentration of tech talent in London is astounding and I count myself really lucky to live and work in this amazing place.

One of my first pictures of London in 2014!

I’ve worked for a few different sectors - mostly in financial consulting and startups (even though the term is used liberally nowadays, they were technically startups!). You can read more about my experience in my About me section.

I’ve always been a Back End engineer, so my Front End knowledge is pretty much non-existent (which explains the basic appearance of this site! Sorry to all the pros out there!).

I worked with Java until 2018, when I switched jobs and converted to Go. The conversion to Go wasn’t super easy, but it was definitely manageable and I was able to learn on the job. (I read a few books and took some Udemy courses. I will probably tell you more about that in a separate post.)

I was invited to speak at GoLab 19, a Go conference in Florence, in the autumn of 2019. I ran a 3hr and 45min workshop titled Go apps 101 - How to build and test them. Putting the workshop together was such a Herculean effort that it is something I continue to be proud of achieving only after a year of writing Go.

GoLab 19
Me speaking at GoLab 19

What I want to write about

I want to give my perspective on work, life, tech and everything in between.

I want to share things that I’ve learned from my victories and most importantly failures (of which there have been a fair few!) throughout my diverse tech career.

I’ve learned to work with a large variety of people, colleagues and clients alike, and I can definitely say that communication skills are very important for good engineers. These softer skills will also feature in this blog alongside tech material.

Most importantly, I hope to remind everyone that we are all people, working in an incredibly complex and fast changing field, doing our best to have a long-lasting career in tech. It’s so important to share and learn from each other, so that we can have a sense of community.

Let the good times roll!

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